Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Yesterday, we bought a new coffee maker. Well, I bought it and then I had you walk back to the shop with me and carry the huge box 6 blocks back to the car.

Long story short…we needed a new coffee maker because the frickin Mr. Coffee whatever we’d purchased last month leaked water all over the kitchen floor while we were sleeping.

So we’re driving home with our new Krups “Introductory” coffee maker and:

Me: Oh my gosh! I feel so grown up! I’m 63 years old and I finally own something other than a Mr. Coffee.

You: Laugh

Me: Laugh if you will, Mister, but this coffee maker means we are adults and can take care of a real coffee maker.

Before bed, we program our machine to make coffee at 9:30 AM and go to bed.

Today (Early This Morning)

You (from the kitchen): Oh no!

Me (from bed and jumping out of bed) What?

Me (half-way down the hall to the kitchen): Oh my!

There’s glass and coffee all over the tile floor.  You had dropped the carafe.

We look at each other and start laughing.

Me: I guess we’re not as grown-up as I thought we were.

We ordered a replacement carafe.  We went to a party. I sat with a 5-year-old and we ate some sort of crispy seaweed and Windmill cookies and drank warm milk. The adults were eating odd-looking cheeses and some sort of caviar with truffles and drinking champagne.

Plan tomorrow is to write and bake Toll House Cookies and cook some sort of comfort food. I might reflect upon the joys of not being grown-up.


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