The Krewe of Boudicca – Fiction

I’m late with my entry for the last Sunday prompt.  Out of my control but….here is my story for Sunday Photo Fiction week of 2/8.

Since it’s Mardi Gras week-end, I dedicate this to my family and friends in New Orleans 🙂

Boudicca – Celtic warrior queen who led a revolt against Roman occupation

 The Krewe of Boudicca

Claire, Queen of the Krewe of Boudicca this Mardi Gras, untied the purple silk ribbon and unrolled the piece of parchment paper.

Your Highness, the Court acknowledges the petition, of Mr. Jones, asking to become a member of the Krewe of Boudicca.”

“Oh for God’s sake, Harold.”  Claire dropped the petition onto the floor beside her throne.   “Is this going to be an every year thing with you?  This is a private club for women.  Only.”

“Listen to me Claire -” Harold began in his own defense.

“Shhh!”  Claire waved her wand in the air.  “Please address me through the proper channels,  Mr. Jones.”   She motioned to one of her pages.

A few moments later, the page approached Claire and whispered to her.

“Yes, Harold.  I shall put your name on my dance card.  And you’re right,” she smiled in his direction, “that’s the least I can do.”

Later that evening, in bed, Harold whispered to Claire.  “I didn’t know, when I put in my petition this year, that you’d be Queen.”


photo prompt Statue of Boudicca (Boadicea) in London, UK © Al Forbes

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