The Funkiness of February

I’ve been in a funk – for at least the last couple of months.  It’s not the depression .  It’s restlessness.  I have some rather important decisions to make about my creative life.  Everything matters more these days.  I’ve placed expectations on myself.  These must be met.  More on that later.

Happiness is Amazon delivering our replacement hummingbird feeder.  Just like this copper(ish/plastic) and glass one.  The old one – over 10 years old – begged for replacement.

And then there is one like this that we’ve had hanging for about a year now…the hummers don’t seem to like this one as much.  We ordered a longer hook – arrived today.  Now it  hangs lower on the balcony.

It’s mating season for our Anna hummingbirds.  I wouldn’t want them to exhaust themselves looking for food when romance is so much fun.


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