When Peacocks Danced – Fiction

Here’s a little something for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction .  The piece is supposed to be about 200 words somehow having something to do with the photo below.  I’ve put a link to other stories for this prompt.  Take a peek 🙂

Thanks to Joe Owens for hosting this challenge.

sunday photo fiction 2.21.15

When Peacocks Danced (200 words)

Sam and I lived up at Whitmore Gulch; on the ocean side of the Santa Cruz Mountains, near Half Moon Bay.  We were  herbalists.  Our land had just produced the best crop of Lavender we’d had in over a decade.  Lavender scented and colored everything around us.

“Is your cell phone charged?”  I sensed the worry in my husband’s voice and cupped his face between my hands.

“I’m only driving to San Francisco,”  I assured him.

“For a friggin month?” Sam asked.

“For as long as it takes to finish my novel.”

Sam locked the door to the horse trailer.  He whispered something into Mayebelle Horse’s ear and then  turned to face me.  He flung his arms wide open and turned round in a circle.  “This is the most beautiful place in the world.  What’s wrong with finishing your novel here?”

Peacocks strutted across the lawn squawking; the  males opening their colorful tails in a lover’s dance.  The dog ran down from the porch barking.

I pointed to the unfolding scene.

“You don’t think it’s gonna be noisy in San Francisco?” Sam asked.

I called Sam every day, just around the time the peacocks would be dancing.


**other stories for this prompt**

photo prompt © Joe Owens 2015

9 thoughts on “When Peacocks Danced – Fiction

  1. I know just where Half Moon Bay is… went there on a visit. Noisy down by the shore.
    Didn’t get to ride the cable car in San Fran. I thought there would be more than just that one hill…
    Also visited the opposite coast to another place where peacocks strut and squawk – an interesting sound for sure… like a baby crying. Guess like any noise one could get used to it. …but like Dororthy says …There’s no place like home. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my place. Jules.


    • you’re welcome, Jules. Peacocks early in the morning are annoying and so loud. It’s always so nice to come home after being away. Everything seems so fresh.

      I enjoy day trips to Half Moon Bay – eating fresh seafood and window shopping. San Francisco is nice but mainly just another big city.


      • We’ve a little town by us, called Lititz, Only a cool little stream for a water source but lots of little shops. Reminded me of Half Moon Bay. And I don’t need a plane ticket to visit 😉
        Cheers, Jules


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