When We Were Smitten – Fiction

Here’s a little something for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction .  The piece is supposed to be about 200 words somehow having something to do with the photo below.  I’ve put a link to other stories for this prompt.  Take a peek 🙂

Thanks to Joe Owens for hosting this challenge.

seagullsWhen We Were Smitten

It had been an odd California winter.  It had been an odd period in my life.  Even the seagulls seemed confused.

“I’m gonna shoot the next seagull that makes a sound wherever I happen to be,”  Sam said.

“Oh honestly,  Sam.   Get over this.”  I said.

We were standing on the fishing pier.  Seagulls, perched on the snowy shore,  had formed a perfect line.  The sun glittered upon the lake.

We were on vacation.  I’d gotten away to write.  Sam had gotten away to fish and hunt and those other caveman things he kept to himself back in the city.

“It’s interrupting the silence, Sara.  Don’t you get it?”   Sam threw his line out one more time.  It sank about 8 feet from shore.  “Now shush up.”

“Excuse me?”

“Shush up now,  Sara. I’m getting a bite.”

I hissed,  playfully,  and bit Sam’s neck.


photo prompt © Joe Owens

other stories for this prompt

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