A Clear Path – Fiction

This is a piece  I’ve written for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – a weekly photo prompt for writers.  Write 100-150 words (give or take 25 words).  The purpose is to have fun while improving our writing skills.  Yay to that and thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting this weekly prompt.  Please drop by to read and/or participate…it’s a great help to many of us to have these sorts of prompts and a great deal of work for the host.  Thank you so much, PJ.

A Clear Path

“What do you do between the obvious and beyond the unknown? Where leads the path one has chosen?” I asked eerily.

“Oh stop it already, Heather!” Austin replied.

Dusk was falling. We were walking the last part of our hike.  Coast Redwoods arched over our path.  The shadows were a relief from the sun and a darkness in the light.

I chuckled.

“Stop that now Heather!”

“Stop what?”

“Trying to lead me off the path.”

“What do you mean?”   I brushed my body against his.

“It’ll be dark soon.”   Austin nibbled at my ear.

I chuckled and clutched my flashlight.  It had a moonlight mode.


 (109 story words)

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photo prompt © Priceless Joy

6 thoughts on “A Clear Path – Fiction

  1. “Oh stop it already, Heather!” Austin replied. — This made me laugh so hard because I’d thought he was saying “Give your philosophical musings a rest.” Lol

    By the end, I was like oooh, a rendezvous or something. Maybe Heather is trying to get him all alone to have her way with him (or just spend more alone time), but Austin doesn’t want to stick around for nightfall. Lol!


  2. Great story! I too thought Austin was mad at her and I even thought maybe there was a ghost trying to push him off the trail (lol!). Absolutely loved the ending. I loved the whole story! (Thank you for the gratitude and shout out. It touched my heart. 🙂 )


  3. I’m very curious on this snippet into their relationship. Was this a little hiking foreplay 😉 At first I thought he was mad at her but now I’m wondering if this is her usual attitude. I think there’s a lot going on between the lines that the reader can infer on their own. Nice job.


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