Man Oh Man…If I Didn’t Care

Okay guys.  I know you’re not toddlers but:

Of course, right?  She’s just a worry wart wife.  Well excuse me.  You and your adult son left to go on a four hour hike eight hours ago.  Since I’m famous for worrying and people making fun of that, I made up this scenario where you’d changed your hiking plans and hiked a longer trail.

There comes a time when that scenario stops working.  Luckily, the last number you dialed – from our land line – was your son’s…making hiking plans.  I hesitated.  Then, wtf…I pressed call.

Y’all “sort of got turned around and lost but we are on our way home now.  Oh!  Dad said he meant to call but with everything…”

A small amount of steamy anger escaped my nostrils and my ears but I said – since it was your son: “No problem.  Glad you’re okay.”

Man oh man, wait till you get home.

**update:  you’re home. I decided to play it totally cool.  I think that’s helping you feel less guilty.  Not that you shouldn’t feel guilty but…not just because I throw a fit.  Well so…not unknown to you, you owe me.


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