Quick Post

It’s been a challenging week.  Everyone’s been sick with some sort of stomach virus.  Everyone =  you, me, and all the kids and parents composing the two little families we care for each morning.

I have some flash fiction to edit and post.  Hopefully that can begin happening this evening.  In the meantime,  I’ll leave you with this picture of a sign.

Really, you know, this sign probably isn’t a bad idea.  See ya later!


3 thoughts on “Quick Post

    • Thanks, Charles. This all started last Friday – a sick baby in one family and sick toddler in another. By Monday parents and siblings. We were joyful that we were spared until – yesterday I fell to it and this morning my main man. It’s like some 1-2 day thing. I blame it on pre-school and toddler germs. Restful week-end awaits.


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