Brothers & A Birthday

I’m still under the weather.  Thought I was better but…this doesn’t mean I’m not having chocolate iced chocolate birthday cake tonight.  It’s there, on the table, in a tiny pink box, waiting for me.  Then, I get this – from my brother…

Warning: If you are receiving this message on March 16 then you may be having a birthday.   Do not have a birthday if you are not actually one year older.   Do not take more than the prescribed daily dose of happy birthdays.   While having a birthday, excitability or drowsiness may occur.   You may consume numerous alcoholic drinks while having a birthday, but avoid driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery.   Do not have a birthday for more than 24 hours as this may cause a dangerous birthday overdose, result in symptoms of birthday withdrawal, require immediate medical intervention, or have an adverse effect on your credit rating.

Till latrez…



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