I Just Dropped By To Say…

This afternoon I walked over to Target to get a lampshade for a lamp you’ve had since graduate school.  I was fairly certain the lamp had finally died, but it hasn’t.  You rewired it this morning.  I was happy for you.  Something your mother gave you over 40 years ago.

Then, on the way home, I entered the lobby of our condo building to behold three chairs with ‘free’ signs on them.  Lampshade in hand, I dragged the unusual rocking chair down the hall and into our condo.

“Honey, quick!”  I whisper-shouted.  “There’s this wonderfully clunky old solid wooden desk chair in the lobby.  It’s free!”
And so you rolled it down the hall and into our condo and we examined our fortunate finds.

The rocking chair is a fold up rocking chair.  I’ve never seen one quite like it.  The seat and the back are upholstered in shade of gold with an old-fashioned design to it.  A lovely mahogany wood frame.  The office chair is made of oak with a center leather part in the seat – surrounded by oak – and a nice open and simple slatted back.  It’s on coasters and swivels.  It also rocks – probably because it’s set that way.  We’ve looked underneath and can tighten things.

So I’m pretty excited, after almost 15 years, to have two chairs for the living room.  And we plopped those about four feet from the double floor to ceiling knotty pine bookshelves you built.  And between the chairs I plopped the upholstered poof table I found at Goodwill.   That’s all situated on some sort of dark maroon Indian area rug.  Facing that is our sofa.  It’s a huge soft slouchy sofa.  And then there’s art work and stuff on the walls and crystals hanging from the ceiling and beads in the living room door.  Nothing actually matches.

I think I’m happy with our living room.  We’ve finally created that dark Victorian/Bohemian look I hated as a child but love as an adult.  A huge glass door filters a soft sunlight into the room.  Outside the glass door is our balcony and our potted garden.

I used to think I wanted all these large open, and almost empty, rooms.  Those sorts of rooms don’t feel welcoming to me now, though.  The air is too light.  Nothing hangs around in them for very long.

The burnt red lampshade sets a nice mood because I’m off for two days and plan to read “Going Clear” – about Scientology.  We don’t have a television but the reviews make the book and the HBO documentary sound worth reading about.  I hope it’s not too scary.  Years ago I heard the founder had something to do with science fiction.  Oh my!


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