When Her World Went Fallow – Fiction

Time for this week’s Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.   It begins anew each Wednesday.   100-150 words more or less.  I’ll put the link to this week’s stories at the end of this piece.  Drop by to read or write or both 🙂

Thanks,  PJ,  for providing this challenge each week and for all the work you put into this weekly event.  Thanks, Dawn, for the great photo this week.

windchimesWhen Her World Went Fallow

Ruth was 92 years old.   She had always tried to do her part to sustain the earth. If ever it seemed a monumental task,  she reminded herself that many kisses had been stolen on the old porch swing and that generations of hummingbirds had fed in her garden. For years,  the wind had blown through her chimes to welcome angels and babies and all things magical and miraculous.

This particular afternoon,  she and her son were sitting on the porch swing   The wind was soft but persistent.  The air and the earth and all around Ruth was dry.  Her garden,  that once welcomed horticultural enthusiasts,  Ruth had picked bare to spare water for the future.  Yet the drought still seemed to call her name.

“I will let it all lay fallow,”  Ruth said to her son.

“Your entire garden?”  Her son put his arm around Ruth’s shoulders. “Think a little longer on this, Mom.  You’ve spent so many decades bringing this all to life.”

Ruth woefully shook her head. Otherwise, she did not reply.


photo prompt © Dawn M. Miller

One thought on “When Her World Went Fallow – Fiction

  1. This is a lovely, poignant story, Ellespeth. You have some wonderful images – the stolen kisses on the porch, the hummingbirds and the soft but persistent wind. I can’t help comparing the sad ‘death’ of the garden due to the long drought to the approaching death of the lady due simply to the passing of years. It must have been soul destroyoing for her to watch the garden she had tended for all those years just dying away. Nicely written. 🙂


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