Sunday Comes Calling – A Poem & A Photograph

new chairs

two chairs marked ‘free’ from our condo building lobby

Someone asked for a picture of the two chairs – marked free – I found in our condo building lobby last week.  So you took a photograph for me.  Here it is 🙂

….and we continued purging something every Sunday for a year.  Then I wrote this poem:

Sunday Comes Calling

Today is a good day.
I touched five things I own.
They didn’t bring me
one single joy-filled memory
or connection to my life.
A pottery piece I made
the candle stick holders
we supposed
some incense burning bowl
one of us kept from the 60’s
but neither of us would claim.

I dusted them
and you brought them
to the lobby
– to the table of unwanted things
so many of us seem to own –
something new was born.


One thought on “Sunday Comes Calling – A Poem & A Photograph

  1. Hi Ellespeth, thanks for the photo! I like both of them, treasures! The one in the right seems so comfortable, I can imagine myself sitting there, reading, knitting. My guess is that you I’ve chosen that one for you, and your husband will have the another one. Some objects for me are “he” and others “she”, looking that those chairs I can say the left one is “he” and the right one is “she” :), Love the poem! Have a great week!


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