Accidentals – A Love Poem & Some Prose

My husband (known as “you” on my blog) and I are retired.  We watch babies and toddlers a few mornings each week.  It’s a good thing, too, because I could just as easily sleep those morning hours away.  This morning was not such a good morning:

You tripped on a toddler’s walker this morning.  All the ladies went running and cooing towards you.  My back was turned from you.  It was such a loud-sounding fall. I  felt paralyzed.  Some of the women were looking at me with sad and alarmed expressions.

The doctor  proclaimed all of your injuries to be superficial, so  I bought you a chocolate eclair.  You love it but… this babysitting stuff is certainly not the early retirement years I envisioned.  Thank gawd it’s just a few mornings a week!



Stop doing that!
Stop preparing me
for when you may not be here
with me.
Stop it!
I’ve decided
just for spite
I’m dying first.
So stop it!



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