One Day At The Millbrae Station – Fiction

Time for this week’s Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.   It begins anew each Wednesday.   100-150 words more or less to do with   the photo below  (photo changes each week).  I’ll put the link to this week’s stories at the end of this piece.  Blogs, like this, are such a great gift for writers – and I believe readers,  too.  Pass on by – click on the froggy at the end of this story.

PJ, as usual has given her time hosting this for us.  It’s so much appreciated.

I’m kind of excited because I see lots of ways to expand this piece

Oh!  I’ve done short continuation HERE – if you have time, give a peek 🙂

millbraeOne Day At The Millbrae Station

I’m not always so anxious and so unsure about life.  Sometimes, though, anxiety can’t be avoided.  It was all about to unfold at the Millbrae Station.

Millbrae is a skip and a less expensive suburb down from San Francisco;  near the tip of the Silicon Valley peninsula and at the leading edge of all things technological, environmental and millennial.

I had moved to Millbrae to care for my aging mother.  It wasn’t as though she needed care, but she claimed she did.  My transition, from the New Orleans French Quarter to Silicon Valley suburbia had been, to say the least,  bumpy.

I’d gone to an internet dating site to see if there were any poets, like  myself, in the area, and I responded to one invitation.  We were going to meet at the Millbrae Station.

When I arrived, there was a pigeon standing near the tracks.  It appeared to be, as I was, hopefully waiting for the next train.


photo prompt thanks to Vanessa Rodriguez

18 thoughts on “One Day At The Millbrae Station – Fiction

    • Thanks Dawn. I like this one better, too. I think I can flesh them both out with dialogue and stuff and maybe do a short story. It would be good practice because I’d like to try to write something more than a few hundred words.

      Yes I’ll put the link up. Good idea!


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  1. I wondered where Milbrae was. It sounds very Scottish, but I thought it would be somewhere in the U.S. Lovely story, too, with a nice feeling of anticipation at the end. I’ll be interested to see how / if you do develop it into a longer piece.


    • There could be another Millbrae somewhere. This one is about 10 minutes north of me. I’ve expanded it for Friday Fictioneers – my next post. These pieces are so sketchy, but I enjoy the challenge.

      Thanks for reading this piece and for your comment, Millie.



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  3. Very nice Ellespeth! When I read the pigeon was waiting for a train I automatically thought it was the pigeon in my story. LOL! Just kidding. I can see many ways this story can evolve. Lovely story!


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