Pine and Chinkapin – Fiction

Time for this week’s Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.   It begins anew each Wednesday.   100-150 words more or less to do with   the photo below  (photo changes each week).  I’ll put the link to this week’s stories at the end of this piece.  Blogs, like this, are such a great gift for writers – and I believe readers,  too.  Pass on by – click on the froggy at the end of this story.

Huge thanks to PJ for hosting this for us.  It’s so much appreciated.

Pine and Chinkapin

Just beyond the grounds of St. Mary of the Pines,  bordering right on the graveyard,  is Cypress Knees Swamp.  Snowy egrets circle round and,  in spring,  the scent of wild wisteria and blooming magnolia can almost overwhelm a person. The steadfast pines stay prickly and green. The chinkapin drops crimson leaves each fall and blooms anew each spring.

St. Mary of the Pines used to be a boarding school and a convent.  These days, it’s a retreat center.  I was there to lead a Marriage Retreat.  I hadn’t decided if I’d have the group dance and journal or create some sort of artwork.

“What do you mean you’re going away for the weekend to lead a Marriage Retreat?”  Owen,  my husband,  had asked as I was leaving .  “How can you possibly be of any help right now?”

Our open marriage experiment was failing.  One of us had fallen in love again.  We hugged.  We cried.  I drove away.

In the end,  there was dancing that weekend.  So much had changed.


photo prompt thanks to © Dawn M. Miller

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