When Trees Mattered In Life

image from bing

I woke up this morning to the sound of a tree cutting operation going on outside our condo building. Get dressed and go down there, the electric company is trimming TWENTY-TWO FEET off a redwood tree that’s been here since before this block was developed. I spoke to the foreman about permits and notifications – this is private property – and his cocky self told me that the almighty power company doesn’t need permits that they can do whatever they want.

BULLSHIT! I thought. We’ll just see about that.

I called the city. Some yuppy city manager idiot came out spouting his training manual on how to keep the electric and gas company happy. I told him he really must have spent a long time memorizing the book in order not to talk like a human being and that I WANTED THE TRIMMING TO STOP UNTIL OUR HOA IS NOTIFIED. He said it was necessary in case of a storm. LOL! We’re expecting a powerful rain storm here in California anytime soon? I told him.. They’d do better to replace the gas pipes under our property before we blow up like San Bruno did.

So the work has stopped until our HOA is notified…but the power and gas company is rich and powerful and greedy. I know the tree is going to be trimmed because, you know, a storm might come along and some people might not be able to Twitter and Facebook.

I’m so sad. I’m so angry. I’m so angry 😦

It reminds me of this song:

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