Yesterday’s Misguided Best Intentions – A Poem

I’m trying to let go of all that anger from yesterday’s entry.

Yesterday’s Misguided Best Intentions

I was probably misguided

to think the words

private and property

meant anything anymore.

And really

at the end of the day

I don’t know who to pity


myself for believing I have rights

or government and big business

trying to tell me I don’t.


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One thought on “Yesterday’s Misguided Best Intentions – A Poem

  1. I’m blessed to have a little bit of property. I hesitate to call it mine, but I do pay taxes on it. This little chunk of land was here thousands of years before my great-grandfather homesteaded the property and it will remain long after my bones have turned to dust. There are no signs bordering the property. If you wish to walk across it you may. My job is simply to be a good steward until someone else takes my place.


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