There’s One More Thing I Meant To Say

You took me to a fancy dinner party tonight.  Well, let’s put it this way, I let you take me to a fancy dinner party tonight.

At first, I wanted to decline the invitation.  Nice family we’ve met before.  The woman who owns the place is about my age and just as nuts.

You seem to believe that I’m some sort of sociable person and that I’ve made you more sociable since I’ve moved out here.  I’m not a sociable person.  I don’t know where you ever came up with that idea.  I’m incredibly shy 😦

I was raised to socialize and be congenial and pleasing at all times.  So…I can easily play that part but…

Nothing suits me better than our tiny living room and listening to Miriam Makeba and the room is lit by that lamp with the reddish shade we found out in our condo lobby.  I feel pretty ‘socialized out’ – tired of it.

You’re tired.  Socializing is exhausting for both of us.  Isn’t there a hidden forest somewhere calling our name?


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