Moving Day – Fiction

Time for another installment of   Friday Fictioneers  hosted by Rochelle.  100 words or so based on the image below. Click on the froggy link (after this piece) and come join us!

This story marks a year I’ve been pestering people with Friday Fictioneers. I really never dreamed that I could write a story almost as short as my poetry, so I’m grateful for the encouragement I’ve received here. For me, Friday Fictioneers has become as addictive as Crème Brûlée.

My offering, this week, is a 100 word piece about Chloe – a fairy character I’ve written about before in my infrequent series “Once Upon A Bed Again”

ff_santoshwriter-1Moving Day

When Miss Randolph died she left behind a garden – famous for miles around,  and me.

My name is Chloe.  I’m a fairy and I live in a dewdrop, on a bougainvillea leaf, deep in Miss Randolph’s garden.  I’m moving today.  It won’t be the same here without her.  You see, we’ve known each other since she was a young child.  When I first moved here,  I was her bedroom fairy.  Then I was her garden fairy.  At the end, I was once again her bedroom fairy.

I don’t want to move too far away.  Miss Randolph promised she’d visit me often.


photo prompt – © Santoshwriter

27 thoughts on “Moving Day – Fiction

    • Oh! I’m glad you liked this one, gah. It’s now the ending chapter – perhaps – of a little book I’m slowly developing. You can find the rest of them by clicking the tag ‘once upon a bed again’. If you have time – and, of course the interest – maybe you could give the rest of them a read now and then. I don’t think it matters where you begin. And I don’t mind if you don’t read them 😛

      I wonder if fairies live forever? That would determine if Chloe finds another child. All something to think on rather than dreary grown-up stuff.


      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll be checking them out. You know, ‘how long do fairies live’ was one of the first things that went through my mind. If they live very long, keeping the faith with her former friend would be touching, but also a bit of a wasting away of the fairies life… you see, I rather think about those important questions rather than grown-up stuff, too. 🙂


  1. I never realized before that fairies retired. It’s nice the two of them will continue their link. Sweet story, Ellespeth. I think we’d all like a fairy friend. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


    • I’m not really sure fairies actually retire, either, Suzanne. I’m fairly certain they can recognize familiar spirits, though 🙂

      I’ve been reading about the terrible heat wave in India and wondering if you are alright.



    • Chloe has a mother (Beatrice) and a sister (Ivy). I’m certain they will keep her company until she finds her way again.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my work, Margaret.



    • Originally, it was a fig leaf but that brought on all sorts of other connotations. There are lovely bougainvillea plants around here (SF Bay Area) and I used to grow them in New Orleans. I thought Chloe would like the blooms, too. Odd how these changes come about. Thanks for noticing that and commenting.


    • It’s an odd thing to think about. And, besides, who does one discuss such things with? Luckily, I live with someone who seems interested in the subject.

      Thanks for reading this piece.


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