A Preference For Fiction – Poetry/Poetic Fiction

Time for this week’s Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.   It begins anew each Wednesday.   100-150 words more or less to do with   the photo below  (photo changes each week).  I’ll put the link to this week’s stories at the end of this piece.  Blogs, like this, are such a great gift for writers – and I believe readers,  too.  Pass on by – click on the froggy at the end of this story.

And so…all that would come to me is this poem.   Nothing new about these feelings.  Not in poetry and not in fiction.

gazeboA Preference For Fiction

Even though the snow has melted
and spring beckons hopeful thoughts,
there seems still the chill
of winter passing through our love.

I sit
near the fireplace
on a soft floor pillow
and poke
burning logs into a crackling state
and watch
you, sitting in your easy chair,
reading a book
of fiction.

Outside there is a crispness in the air.
The sky is bluer than a blues song.
Some trees struggle to survive another winter.
Some trees
refuse to accept
that winter exists.

One day
the wind will call us
and we will sail onward.
Eventually we might dock
where nothing else matters but love.

None of this means anything.
Today is just a day
stuck between seasons.


photo prompt © Dawn M. Miller

15 thoughts on “A Preference For Fiction – Poetry/Poetic Fiction

  1. A lovely poem, Ellespeth. You have captured the end of winter and and the beckoning ‘hopeful thoughts of spring’ quite beautifully. I love the image you create in the second verse. 🙂


  2. Very nicely written Ellespeth. I like how you have both seasons in it. I can feel the warmth from the inside and the chill from the outside. Stuck between seasons gives it a nice touch.


    • I’m glad this piece worked, Jessie. Can’t believe I’m just getting around to last week’s comments and have already viewed this week’s photograph. Where does time go?


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