The Vacation – Fiction

Time for this week’s Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.   It begins anew each Wednesday.   100-150 words more or less to do with   the photo below  (photo changes each week).  I’ll put the link to this week’s stories at the end of this piece.  Blogs, like this, are such a great gift for writers – and I believe readers,  too.  Pass on by – click on the froggy at the end of this story.

Thanks  to PJ for hosting this for us each week, and all her hard work on our behalf.

This week’s photograph is given us by a friend of mine!  When she was showing me ones we might use, I loved this one so much – boys on the beach and all the memories it brought.

on the beach (2)The Vacation

I was packing to move into an assisted living cottage.   My daughter, Rainbow, was helping me sort through loose photographs,  ticket stubs from rock concerts,  and old matchbooks.

“What in the world is this, Mom?” Rainbow asked.  She was holding an old photograph that must have fallen from  one of my childhood scrapbooks.

A family vacation.  On the beach.  A group of  junior high school boys.  Flexing their nonexistent muscles.  Grinning ear-to-ear-proud every one except the one on the left in the back row.

“Oh, that’s the boy I didn’t marry.”  I smiled,  fondly,  and tucked the photograph into the ‘keep box’.

Rainbow cast me a surprised glance.  It was my chance to say, “I had a life before you were born,” but I stopped myself.


19 thoughts on “The Vacation – Fiction

    • Something’s there. You’re right, Ameena. The photograph reminded me of a very long ago vacation with my family- I was maybe 12 – and that I developed a huge ‘crush’ on a young teen in another country. I sobbed when we left to come home. Ahhh…those youthful heartaches. We never even spoke to each other. lol!

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  1. Ellespeth, you probably know by now that I like to drop by ocassionally and leave a personal note for the participants of FFfAW challenge. I am so grateful for your continued participation and I look forward each week to reading your story and I know that the others do as well. Thank you so much for your continued friendship and loyalty!

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    • This is so sweet of you, PJ. And yes, I know – even though you are so busy with offering this outlet to us each week – that you do appreciate our offerings. It’s very kind of you to pass by with this note. Especially this week, it’s meant so much.

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      • I’m happy to know that you needed it this week. Whatever the reason why you need it more this week, I hope you get all the love, kindness, and friendships you need to lift up your spirits even more.


  2. Aw! I adore this story, the characters, the immediate situation (daughter finds an old photo), and the ongoing situation (packing to move into the assisted living cottage). How times passes by. It seems she’s lived life to the fullest so far 😀

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    • Thanks, Izzy. I’m very behind responding to comments these last few week. My husband has taken sick and I’ve been playing my famous Nurse Ellespeth role. My magical skills are healing him 😛


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