Monterey – Fiction

Time for another installment of   Friday Fictioneers  hosted by Rochelle.  100 words or so based on the image below. Click on the froggy link (after this piece) and come join us!


Remember Monterey that Fall?  The first of everything seemingly important in life?  Our first Jazz Festival?  We were still virgins?  “That’s heavy,”  meant being too loaded to comprehend?

And now, here we are.  Married fifty years and downloading our music onto a memory stick.

You turn to me. Your blue eyes are twinkling with mischief. “Let’s go to the festival again this year. Maybe dance a little jig or two?”

The sky was so blue that festival day. Our world was so perfectly perfect. Tuck and Patti played into the sunset. You bought me a delicate rose quartz necklace.


photo prompt  – © C. Hase

20 thoughts on “Monterey – Fiction

  1. That’s lovely, and it hits a chord. SO and I find these rock concerts on Youtube we wished we could have visited in our youth. And we’re always amused and delighted when we see three generations dance and party side by side. You’ve combined that with a beautivul love story, wonderful.


  2. Very nice. This conjures memories of the Mission Folk Festival in Canada I attended with my husband last year and am looking forward to attending this year. Music, craft stalls, food vendors and people everywhere – people bonded by song. And even though I’m closer to 60 than 55, I love sleeping in a tent on site among tons of young people. That’s how memories are made. Thanks for reminding me.

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    • Thanks Alicia! That sounds like a wonderful experience – an over nite music/crafts fair. I’d love something like that – maybe with a story fire at night.
      I’m closer to 65 than to 60 😛


    • Thanks so much! I’m happy you passed by to read and leave your comment. I’ve done stronger endings – I think – this one called for something softer and lingering into the future.
      Thanks again for reading my work.


    • I’m about to admit to defeat with blogging. I’m very far behind in reading, too. My husband – much better, now – has needed my pretend, and rather dramatic, nurse persona. So I’ve been wearing that
      and writing
      but little else.
      Thanks for passing by, Rochelle.


    • It is so beautiful there 🙂 I’ve watched the sea otters there many times. I wish I could afford to go to the Jazz Festival there. But, eh! I’ve been to others.
      Thanks for reading this piece, Amy.

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