Tomorrow Comes Sooner

It’s good that today has arrived and that I’m in a panic because I have to write 400 words for a WordPress challenge –  here is the actual challenge – about “morning”; and I have to have my blood drawn tomorrow for routine lab work.  It’s good that today has arrived because I’ve been in a panic over it for 5 days.

Let’s discuss the lab work:  I don’t like needles in my arm.  I have to laugh at myself.  I get injections in my eye, right?  I just don’t like waiting to find out if my everythings are normal.  And then, I anticipate huge lectures if my everythings aren’t normal even though they always are normal.  That needle just stays in my arm sooooo long.  I always feel badly for the lab technician.

Of equal panic is the 400 word thing about “morning”.  I certainly can write the 400 words.  Issue:  a first sentence would help.  I don’t even need an idea of where it might lead.  Just a first sentence.  Or – a thin piece of thread leading to a first sentence.

And on that note, I’m off to soak.


One thought on “Tomorrow Comes Sooner

  1. Having your blood taken can be a challenge. I have had it done so many times now I don’t even think about it. I wouldn’t look at the needle going into your arm or how many tubes they have to take. Just look across the room or focus on how tight the band around your arm is. That helps me. Your last line is beautiful ” a thread leading to a first sentence” I think you had your first sentence or your last right there.


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