You’re Forcing Me…

cottageto take a trip tomorrow – about an hour away – to a garden cottage on the Pacific Ocean.  How dare you!

I know, right?  Some people, reading this, may think I’m joking.  But I’m not.  If you are one of those types who thinks I’m joking, let me put it this way:

you are forcing me to take a trip – about an hour away – to a garden cottage on the Pacific Ocean.  How dare you!  To add to the fear factor, you shall drive us on winding roads through redwood forests – all ending somewhere near the Pacific Ocean.  How can you do this to me?!

Really, okay?  These are the times in my life that I’d just like to kick myself in the bootie 😦 It’s not that I don’t like to travel.  It’s just that I don’t like to get there and back.

Has anyone reading this ever read A Confederacy of Dunces?  If you haven’t,  you certainly must do so as soon as possible.  There is a character, in the novel, Ignatius J. Reilly,  who – at the end of the novel finally risks making a huge stretch and – travels 90 miles from New Orleans to Baton Rouge.

So that’s pretty much how I feel when I take a vacation trip.  I try to make vacation trips as seldom as possible.  I don’t like leaving my little mapped out parameters.  I haven’t always been this way but I’ve been working on being this way since I was three years old.  I wrote a poem about that day here.  I got better about traveling for a few years, but now – as I’m getting older – the fear to travel is coming back.  So a huge step going on here.

We’re packed and I’m going.  It’s all just a part of not letting depression take hold of my life.  So, I keep going and you keep by my side 🙂

I may be a bit sparse during the month of July – or not.  I’m signed up for NaNoWriMo – write 50,000 words in a month.  I’ll be doing some of that on this vacation. 1700 words a day.

Its not a long vacation.  Two days.  But it means traveling on and in unknowns.  I like to know my life.  That’s why I can imagine and write about other lives and other worlds.

This may not make sense but I’ll post in anyway.


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