Stepping Stone Island – Fiction

Here’s a submission for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 100-175 words to do with photo below.

I’ve been a bit sparse this month – NaNoWriMo 50,000 words this month.  Working hard on sketches 😛  but working daily.  So that’s positive!  Couple more weeks and I’ll be back weekly.

islandsStepping Stone Island

We don’t know, for sure, but one day Claire just wasn’t there anymore. And people question when someone, you know, does an about-face on life and all is forever changed. So, the depositions were important strands in an otherwise ordinarily eccentric life.

“Can you elaborate for us what you mean when you say ‘she seemed to withdraw more and more until one day she was just gone’?” asked Claire’s family attorney. He was questioning Claire’s lover, Max.

“Oh come on, Hank,” Max replied. “Claire is your cousin. Everyone in town watched her drift away.”

“Will you just answer the question, Max?” Hank asked.

“Sure. I’ll elaborate. One day Claire packed up her bags, loaded them into her Bentley, and drove out of town.”

“And?” Hank asked.

“She hated Stepping Stone Island,  Hank, and so she left.”

“Did she hate you?”

“No more than she loved me, I guess.” Max smiled just then. That wishful smile that had driven Claire crazy. “But next time I see her, I’ll ask.”


*this week’s photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris

4 thoughts on “Stepping Stone Island – Fiction

  1. Your story is great and the use of dialogue really made the story. I can feel Claire’s frustration with Max and her surroundings when you describe Max’s smile. He gives me the creeps sort of, like he was trapping her there.


  2. Great mystery story Ellsbeth! She just up and disappeared. Frankly, I think her boyfriend, Max, knows more than he is saying.

    Thank you for participating in the FFfAW challenge. I always look forward to reading your stories! I’m sure the others do as well. I appreciate your loyalty!


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