Anticipation – A Sonnet

Here’s a sonnet I’m submitting for  Literary Lion’s word of the week.  The word is ‘eye‘.  Please do click the link for other entries.

(Since I’m just finishing up a biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay, I thought I’d share another sonnet I’ve written.   I’m also coloring in an owl coloring book for adults.  So…lucky you 😛 )


Three owls in a tree one evening last Spring
cooing, to the Jasmine flapping, their wings
all a flutter with scents and sensing love.
My little mask eyed one  lifts me above!
All efforts effortless this starry May
become against the sapphire night’s skyway.
One owl, seemingly wiser than the rest
took a moment – perched on the branch – to rest
and catch her breath.  She looked beyond that night
while far away a full moon shining bright
spoke to her; its words echoed majestic
all that was possible – all fantastic.
Three owls roosting in a bare tree that night
were seen embracing
just before their flight.


21 thoughts on “Anticipation – A Sonnet

    • I know! I could not believe I’d found the most perfect photo for this sonnet. My coloring book page – the one that inspired this sonnet – is fairly awfully colored I’m afraid.
      Glad you liked the sonnet…I’m still working on it, of course.

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    • Thanks, Laura! I haven’t been feeling well this summer…I’m on my way to read postings of these past few weeks. I’ve felt badly to post and not be able to read 😦 I do love your word challenge so…I just hate to post without commenting on pieces I read and I don’t like to just click like 😛

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    • Aren’t those the cutest owls, Jessie? I couldn’t believe I found this perfect photo to go with my sonnet.
      You’re probably on your weekly job travels. Stay safe!


    • I’m coloring a little each day and writing a bit. Glad you liked the sonnet and that particular passage – just as the sky looked that evening.
      Hoping all is well and that you are enjoying your last few weeks of Canadian warmth. I once spent a very long winter – just outside Toronto . If I remember correctly, that winter lasted until almost May!

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