Hawt Dang!

Well hawt dang! Pass the champagne!

I went to my eye specialist this afternoon.  Some of you know, she checks my left eye for the wet macular degeneration.  Sometimes, if there are issues, I get a teeny injection of Avastin in that eye.  I’ve done that for about 10 years.  The medication restricts the eye vessels and helps the leakage to stabilize –

Wonderful news is that I haven’t needed an injection since October 2013!  Two years!  And I didn’t need one today, either.  Maybe she hit the leaky vessel right in its sweet spot with that injection two years ago!

I don’t have to return for 6 months.  An entire holiday season with no medical visits!  Praise the Lord and pass the champagne!  I’ll pour 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hawt Dang!

  1. Amen to that! So happy for you! Eyes are so delicate and can cause all kinds of trouble. I’m very blessed to have great eyesight, but I have a sister that has had numerous operations on her eyes and is now blind in one eye due to some type of disease and it’s not going well for her other eye.

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