Those Sweet Spots of Time – A Poem

Those Sweet Spots of Time

I must be
in the cricket’s sweet spot
so melodic
and faraway the memories
of love and loss.
Hopping away it teases me
with a faint echo
moving back and forth
between the silent moments
of this night.


3 thoughts on “Those Sweet Spots of Time – A Poem

    • I love the way cricket sounds pay around. Once a person is sure they’ve discovered its hiding place, the cricket is suddenly on the other side of the room or the yard. I love hearing them and the mystery of where, exactly, they are!

      An aside to this: when I first moved to this area, I used to spend time in San Francisco. In Chinatown, one can actually buy this contraption – for gardens – that emits a cricket sound. The mythology of the cricket – even Native American – is focused on good fortune.



      • Drives me nuts when they get into rooms that have a lot of boxes or shelves. Though we have camel crickets in our basement and they don’t make noise. Just look ugly and leap at you.

        I’ve heard of pet crickets for good luck. Didn’t realize it was a real thing and not people imitating Mulan until I was in college.


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