My Novel Finally Has An Outline!

I’m so excited.  After challenging myself for over a year, by writing 100 word flash fiction stories and wishing I could write more words than that and form those words into some coherent whole (even a sloppily coherent first draft would do),  I finally have an outline for my novel.  I will be content if I can write enough short stories that can be woven into some sort of whole.

Anyways, I have an outline for about 8 chapters.  That would roughly end up to be  10,000 words. Ack!  I guess that’s a novel’s worth of words.

I’m researching like crazy.  It’s not a historical fiction work but I want to get a feel for the guiding spirits of the three characters.  I think three characters will be more interesting than two.

I may put a few sketches on my blog.  That would depend on if a flash fiction challenge fit into the weave of things.

So I’m excited.  I don’t want to say too much about the work.  I want to live in that world privately – like I do when I’m writing poetry.  I did want to share my joy, though.

I woke up today feeling better, physically and emotionally, than I have in about three months.  I felt rested – as though I’d slept for a long time.  Surprised to see I’d only slept for about 8 hours.  Something inside me has clicked off  the rote button.  Sometimes, I wish I could hack that button.

I guess that’s it in a nutshell.


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