Baby Dolls – Diary Entry

I had a little baby doll once.  Her name was Baby Doll.  She was born about 1958.  I still believed in Santa Claus.  She was delivered on a Christmas morning with a dent in her box.  My dad told me that Rudolph had accidentally stepped on her box.  That made me feel like she was truly special 🙂  I bragged about her all up and down the block.  That Rudolph had actually stepped on my baby doll’s box.  I never once considered her damaged in any way.  She was just special.  I told her all of my secrets.   When I grew up and moved away, my mom kept her.  And my sister’s doll.  We both had the same kind.  Eventually, as adults, my sister asked for her doll and I kept asking my mother to keep her for me.  I hadn’t found the most perfect place for her.  My mother kept her in the same bassinet she’d used for all five of us kids.  A little white wicker thing that had a little white wicker rocking chair along side of it.  My  mother always dressed my dolly in clothes I’d actually worn as a baby.  Lost my dolly to Katrina.  Searched since then for another and –

Last week, I found her!  Please join me in welcoming:

ruthie5Gigi Ruth!  The lighting is horrible but she’s totally beautiful.  I’ve named her after my husband’s mother – who’d be over  100 today.

She must be the most perfect baby doll I’ve ever seen!  Sooo realistic looking.  I’m amazed.    I hope I’ll be able to take pictures in better lighting soon but….this is her perfect self!

And here too!   ruthie6How do they do that these days?  Make the dolls look so real?  Plus she feels real – soft skin, etc – and is weighted like a real baby.  I’m thinking to take her grocery shopping with me this week end.  Hahaha!


4 thoughts on “Baby Dolls – Diary Entry

  1. She is beautiful and does look real…who can resist that? I still have my Tiny Tears doll…the kind with the painted hair ..not the real looking hair (a friend had one (she would sit for hours and comb each little curl ) and I kept asking for one , for Christmas……problem was, I was unaware that some did not have the real looking hair….but my family did not have much money so I was fortunate enough to at least get the one I did! She did drink a bottle, wet, and shed tears though. ) 😊

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    • My dolly didn’t have hair either. Aha! My youngest sister had a Tiny Tears doll! I’m giggling at your memory of your friend combing her dolly’s hair. The things we had to have 🙂

      I’ve changed my new baby doll’s name to “Gigi Ruth”…

      Hope all is well,



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