Slivers of Hope – A Love Poem

Slivers of Hope

Once you’d been in bed
long enough for me to know you were sleeping
I tiptoed in
to cover you from this evening’s chill
and the new early darkness of October’s
questions left unasked
answers we don’t want to hear
– at least not yet.
I pulled Gramma’s quilt close round you
and prayed for a more loving future
than yesterday foreshadowed.
I know
we truly love
each other so
– reaching out gently
into the darkness
with only a sliver of moon
to grasp.


8 thoughts on “Slivers of Hope – A Love Poem

  1. Ellespeth, I just read your latest post, the one you must have decided to take down because it is no longer here. But it came to me whole through email and I just want you to know you are not alone in your thoughts. Thinking of you, my friend. Hugs.


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