Time Out – Fiction

Here is my submission for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Thanks to PJ for hosting this weekly challenge.  Click the lil froggy for more stories.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by, Pixabay

ffaw bike

Time Out

At Cousin Paul’s memorial, Aunt Colleen turned her chair so that it was in a corner facing the wall. Everyone approached her and kissed her and hugged her, but she was as dead to the world as Paul.

I sat on the other side of the parlor thinking about Paul.   Wondering about the cruelty of the gods that be who would allow college graduation one day and death the next.

The room was electrified with anger and grief. Cousin Clare read aloud from The Little Prince. Some of us drank brandy and smoked too many cigarettes. Not much made sense that afternoon.

Later, we all rode our bikes out to the lake.   Aunt Colleen tossed Paul’s helmet into the water and we formed a circle gently round her.


13 thoughts on “Time Out – Fiction

  1. Great story. This…”Some of us drank brandy and smoked too many cigarettes. Not much made sense that afternoon.” really describes the emotional turmoil everyone was trying to deal with and the ride to the lake was a great way of supporting her and paying tribute.

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  2. This sure is a different spin on the prompt! I like the different way they grieve over Paul’s death and how they rode out to the lake and Aunt Colleen threw his bike helmet into the water as a memorial to Paul. Very creative story!

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    • Thanks PJ. Many years ago, one of my cousins was killed while riding his bike. About a week after college graduation. I wish my Aunt had done something physical to release at least some of her anger and grief that day. Out here, lately we’ve had so many young adults killed while riding their bikes to work 😦 So it’s been on my mind.
      I’ll pass by soon to see this week’s photo!


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