C’est La Vie – Diary Entry

this christmas

I’m very sorry.  This seems to have posted twice under two different titles and maybe a word/punctuation change.

Food and stuff, right? Christmas Season. So why is Ellespeth showing us a bunch of veggies? Those just happen to be going into our Christmas Eve supper. These veggies will make broth and potato salad and Southern sweet potato casserole and Southern cornbread dressing and – for those watching their weight – pretty plain string beans. We have agreed to make this a really Southern Christmas Eve supper. California is sorta boring in this regard…

Part of the veggies will make a broth for the lentils we’ll serve some vegetarians the week between Christmas and the New Year.

Not much is healthy about the way these veggies will be prepared – but c’est la vie…such is life. Once a year, one truly must allow for all sorts of decadent eating behaviors.

Just to prove this, here is

Totally Improper Photo #2

sugar christmas

I’ve added the sugar and nuts and cream and chocolate and marshmallow cream. One simply must have fudge. It tempers the palate after such a rich meal 😛

As Christmas approaches, Southern recipes will follow.

I am grateful for this Christmas. We are 15 years together now.    We are imperfectly floating down the river. You have been the most surprising of happenings in my life.


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