He’s My Kind of Guy – Diary Entry

Ellespeth slowly emerges from all sorts of holiday insanity…Happy Holidays!

For the last two weeks, we’ve either had or been preparing to have people over or going out with friends or – YAY! – cooking.

However,this afternoon  my husband’s niece and husband brought over their 4 yr old twins and their 9 yr old – your grand nieces and nephews. Wow! Since the family is vegetarian, I made some sort of lentil soup.

“Would you like some lentils?” I asked the boy twin.

“No. Lentils smell like poop,” he replied.

His mother, your niece, shook her head and we both smiled. She said, “Haven’t we discussed just saying no thank you instead of going into too much detail about why you don’t like something?”

He’s already forgotten a minute ago and is looking around for something to eat. “Would you like some almond butter and jam on a piece of french bread?” I asked.

He quickly settles in his chair. I know all about 4 yr old boys and peanut butter and that parents don’t mind their kids eating this.

“Red jam,” he says.

“But of course, dawling,” I reply.

More later.


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