What A Production…


Our produce box arrived tonight.  About an hour ago.  This is our third delivery.  I. Absolutely. Love. This. Idea!  One orders local, organically grown produce each week.  You can skip weeks, too, as you please.  Or better, you can donate the skipped weeks to a local food bank.

My opinion so far:

  1.   I like supporting our local small farmers.
  2.   It’s organic.  That doesn’t seem to mean much in Silicon Valley – most veggies, in my local grocery store, have switched to organic anyway.
  3.   It seems to be cheaper.  No middle man.  It works for us because we try to eat mainly veggies and salads and grains,. The meat we cook lasts several days or is frozen for later use.  (Sometimes we go overboard and cook something way unhealthy but…we deserve it now and then.  After all, one must have some decadent eating experiences in life.)
  4. When it arrives, it looks absolutely beautifully fresh – just picked.
  5. It allows one to experiment with produce you would not have ever considered – fruits and veggies.

And that is it for now.  If you can, try this option in your city.

I’m seeing the time.  Perhaps I’ll make rounds over coffee tomorrow morning.  Since I post so late, it may be the New Year!  Hope and health to us all….


(image per pixabay)

6 thoughts on “What A Production…

  1. I often toy with the idea of buying produce direct, but around here that would mean having to get up at some ungodly hour and driving to wherever the truck is scheduled to be. Sorry, call me lazy. But at least one of our local co-ops offers locally grown produce and dairy products. Happy New Year, Ellespeth! I hope you have a decadent meal planned for the last eve of the year 🙂


    • See down to my response to Charles. Not exactly sure where you live – just near my brother. There’s a company that delivers near my bro.
      Not doing much this evening but tomorrow’s decadence includes corned beef and cabbage and black eyed peas and, of course, rice. I’m thinking pecan bread pudding for after the meal and just before our arteries totally clog up 😛
      Here’s to another New Year! Cheers!

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    • Hi Charles,

      I don’t know exactly where you live – just near NYC – but there is a company that delivers in that area at https://www.farmboxdirect.com/. Their website says you can customize your box. The company I use tells you, once you sign up – pictures of the farms they use…that might be interesting for ‘the kid’ 🙂 Anyways, it’s free and you can cancel it if you don’t like it…that was a draw for me – no contracts.

      Happy New Year, Charles!


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