Just A Private Visit

Our Ever Forever Tree

I follow a blogger here, I call him doc because I don’t really know his name and it fits his blog title. Sometimes, he shows photographs of real places in his life. Sometimes he writes flash fiction. He’s over at http://dralimanonlife.com Pop on over there when you have a chance. You’ll enjoy yourself.

The other day, he shared a photograph of his Christmas tree. I think he thought it was small but important to him. (that’s my story line and no one else can have it!) His photo encouraged me to share a photograph of our Christmas tree. That’s it. Up there. All dressed up for the holidays.

I don’t share a lot of photographs about my life because, to be honest – after dating on the internet – I don’t trust it so much. But hey πŸ˜› It’s just a Christmas tree.

You built this tree, from just pruned eucalyptus branches, over 10 years ago. The leaves were still fresh and smelled so lovely. You built it so our parakeets would have a place to fly to when we let them out of their cage. Parakeets don’t live forever, and future generations of our parakeet pets haven’t much liked the tree. The leaves have fallen off. But, to me, it is beautiful.

And so it’s become our Christmas tree. You’ve wrapped little mini white lights around its bare branches. I think it’s elegant.


8 thoughts on “Just A Private Visit

    • πŸ™‚ On Valentine’s Day we hang crystal hearts and on Mardi Gras we hang strings of beads! This tree never leaves our living room. We’ve moved it to a new position and hope the birds will take to it again but…we like it anyway.

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