Wanna Don’t Wanna


There’s a part of me that wants to read the daily news.  Maybe, just maybe someone I’m with might mention some current event that did not include – well, you know, at my age – problems with one’s adult children and the daily aches and pains of life.  Physical pain.  Not emotional pain.  Some seem to draw boundaries of what is acceptable conversation.

So there’s that part of me that wants to stay in touch with reality – just in case any one else is, and there’s that part of me that just wants reality to go away.  Take a vacation.  Cease to exist.

I just read the news.  As usual, these days, it’s not that great.  I’ve gone on news strikes before.  But…this is a big political year here is the United States.  Really…I’m already worn out with election news and the party candidates haven’t even been chosen.  And oh my to that!

It’s winter.  I want to hibernate.  Spring will come.   I don’t think the world needs my concern for the next few months.

That’s not a goal.  That’s just a thought I had while writing this.


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9 thoughts on “Wanna Don’t Wanna

  1. I have a love-hate relationship with the news, too. Sometimes it just depresses me too much that I don’t read or watch about it for a day or two. I love it when we’re on holiday, when the cares of the world seem to disappear for a while – which, of course, they don’t do at all. But I know we can’t exist without knowing what’s happening around us. Like most of us, I’m hoping 2016 will bring some news of peace in many parts of the world. As for home-brewed politics, I totally despair. Thought provoking post, Ellespeth. 🙂
    I hope 2016 will be a happy and positive one for you. Best wishes, Millie.

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    • Ah, dear Millie, of course you are so there with it when you say … even on holiday the news doesn’t take a break. We just put it on hold. I don’t like glorifying – making headlines of horror…and often try to remind myself of the kindness happening all round me each day.
      I enjoy reading your blog and all you discover during your travels…***hugs*** until we meet again,


  2. When you watch the news you have to really brace yourself because it is loaded with depressing things and you find yourself wading through it all just to spot a little bit of the positive side of things…..if it even exists at that time. I watch it a majority of the time, but some days I just have to declare it off limits just to relax without thinking the world is about to come crashing down on us!

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    • I’m so happy not owning a television. Once a week or so I’ll watch a movie on Amazon…I’m thinking of watching some TV programs on there, too. No commercials and no news!
      I’m checking the online news each morning just to be sure the world is still functioning. That’s about all I want to know right now.


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