Ellespeth As Toddler – Prose

wpbdWell good grief.  There I am trying to be techy on WordPress…trying to find a comment I’d made a few days ago so I could see about some WordPress challenge and …  what?  I discovered blog stats.  Didn’t I discover these before – and then lose that link somehow?  Well 😛 thank gawd I’m not here for stats because my best visited day was sometime back in 2014.

When I read the particular entry – after I figured out how to do that – I looked at  you and said:  “There must be some way I’ve accomplished this writing goal by now.”  Insert a pouting face for emphasis of hard work done and a loud sigh.  Expect and receive an understanding nod of agreement and a smile and even , I think, I heard a laugh from your side of the room.

I also discovered a trophy 😛 from today, from WordPress  They are wishing me a happy third year here!  I could go on and on but…

~  I am thankful for WordPress.  I can see that I haven’t accomplished all of my writing goals, but at least I have made goals and, therefore, feel some type of obligation to meet them even when I don’t.

~  On the inside – to myself and to people who know me, I am shy.  I have a small number of friends – here on WordPress and in other areas of my life.  It’s a challenge for me to keep up with all that goes on WordPress with all the people I know here.  I’m learning how to stretch and trust more the comments I make.  That’s a huge step for me in life.  That doesn’t mean I’m not shy.  I’m in a process of some sort.  That’s a good thing.

~  Sometimes I want to runaway from WordPress or just hide away as though observing a dream.  Sometimes I post something amd drop it within 5 minutes.  Isn’t that a wonderful function?   Unlike emails, one can actually have second thoughts on WordPress.  We can actually learn something when we read back the words of our unconscious.  And, really, do I want to be that raw with my emotions here – or anywhere?  I’m glad there is that second thought option of simply deleting an entry or making it private until you think it through more.

~  I’m so aware of being thankful to the friends I’ve made here.  To the people whose lives I follow each time I visit.  And to the people who follow my life even when I’m unable to visit theirs.

So Happy Birthday to me!  I’m 3.  I’m just a toddler.  Watch out world!  I’ll just let this go raw unedited cuz I wanna 😛

BTW, what I came here to look up ended up to be A-Z April 2016.   I’ll probably enter this year..oh dear!


image https://pixabay.com

11 thoughts on “Ellespeth As Toddler – Prose

    • I think our anniversary dates are close. Happy toddler 3’s to us both!
      I have an outline, now, for the a-z…it was quite the topic of our dinner conversation 😛 I must begin – at once – to write! The outline appears hopeful.
      Thank you, Charles, for steadily following my life. It means a great deal to me that you do and that I have the joy of following your life. Here’s a il hug and a peck 🙂


      • You’re welcome. Thanks for always following my blog too. 🙂

        Smart move with the outline. Get the posts ready in advance or at least some type of structure. I never tried it because April is a horrible month for taking on challenges around here.

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        • That is my hope. Keep refining the outline for a couple of weeks. Sit with it all and take my time. And then begin writing knowing that I have to do three letters a week beginning mid February and the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge I attempt each week. And continuing to rework a few pieces of my poetry until they are as near to perfect as I can get them. I want to accomplish more this year.


    • Yes! My husband and I sat over supper with the alphabet between us discussing and recording ideas for a-z. I think I have a pretty good feel about how I want to lay this out. Some vague outline. Now for the writing of it. I am hopeful. I am also looking forward to following you. Crazy, eh?
      ***hugs*** Ellespeth


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