My Writing Posture Is Not A Problem!

computer-313840_640I’m having a terrible muscle/everything  ache in my arm.  With some adjustments to my writing area and a warming blanket wrapped round it, it’s getting better.  Yesterday, though, I wanted to cut my arm off it hurt so bad.  Today, I’m thankful I didn’t go to such an extreme.

Luckily, I haven’t forgotten how to write longhand or use a dictionary, because I couldn’t even use my old manual typewriter (that one I bought at the used typewriter store a couple of years ago) because it’s the same arm and hand and finger movements…

It’s all ergonomically complicated and frustrating.  God should have designed arms to evolve better.


image from pixabay

5 thoughts on “My Writing Posture Is Not A Problem!

    • I think the pain – which was scientifically studied from all angles by ‘himself’ – has something to do with my right elbow area resting upon the hard arm of my chair when I use my BT mouse. That problem has been resolved with a pillow under my arm.

      So I’m resting it as much as possible today by using a different position. I’m cooking corned beef and bok choy and baking brownies! Yay 🙂


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