The Great Iowa Blizzard

I’m so glad the Iowa caucus is over and that, sometimes, even politicians have awful hairdressers.

America is well-known for giving chance to the under dog.

My only political view about this entire election year is that, even if they don’t win, Sanders and Trump supporters are making an important statement about how our country is governed.  Many things matter – during an election – other than who is eventually elected.

I’m remaining hopeful for November’s outcome.


3 thoughts on “The Great Iowa Blizzard

  1. Yes, I think the sleeping lion has been woken…….(we are aware of all the things going on and things not being done that should be done….we are looking for some real positive changes..we need a strong leader (a real commander in chief! ) that will turn this country around in the right direction. We are living in dangerous times. Not that we haven’t had them before, but we have slid down the wrong path for so long, it’s going to be hard to get things changed.


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