Why Do We Care Sometimes – A Poem

A few weeks ago,  your grand-nephew ripped apart a  25-year-old keep sake I’ve held onto – for sentimental reasons.  A little wrapped box that holds nothing and has some corny gift tag attached to it.  Something about how much parents love their kids.  Later, I sobbed to see it destroyed and tonight you rescued it.  You fixed the tag and we wrapped it in new paper and put its saved tag on it with a rough stringed bow.   I’ve always thought this gift such a joke.  I’ve held onto it, though.  And you helped me rescue it.

1990Why Do We Care Sometimes

You’ve never felt close to her
just too close
and then one day
you’re 40
and she says
she loves you
to your back
as you’re walking out the door
after a family supper
and she gives you
some little gift
with some little posey card
attached to it
and she thinks that is love
and you realize
nothing is really unconditional.


photo is  by me

3 thoughts on “Why Do We Care Sometimes – A Poem

  1. Some things mean more to us then we realize and if it is in danger of if destroyed it becomes even more important. Happiness is getting it back…and I’m happy you were able to get yours back. 😃


  2. Hi Ellespeth, so beautiful words. I get attached to things too, and I don’t like when someone makes trouble with them. They are important, not because what they are, but because of all the feelings and moments they can bring back to us. Glad you had your keep sake was rescued!


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