Sometimes I Feel Like A Wrung Out Rag

kitchen-691247_640I think I like this post title as, perhaps, a poem or a story idea. But now onto more important matters:

It’s been two years since my last license renewal. Because of my macular degeneration, I have to renew my license every two years and TAKE A FRIGGIN DRIVING TEST!

It’s not like I didn’t know this was going to happen but, wishfully, I wondered what I’d do if the state forgot about me. And you, Mr. Law Abiding Citizen, informed me that I’d have to renew before it expired…even if the state didn’t notify me 😦

Last time, I paid to take a driving course…even though I’ve been driving for 50 years. This year, instead of paying for a driving course, I am subjecting you and my best friend to driving all around the DMV office twice a week. This is week 2. Due to Google mapping issues, one of last week’s days was a disaster, so I had to have three days of driving the course. Then two this week and one more, next Monday, and then my driving test is next Wednesday.

If I don’t pass it, I’ll just keep taking it until I do – even if it means taking the driving test in some small California town…while on ‘vacation’.

My arm feels much better. I’m still resting it. I hope to back up and typing away in another day or two. For now I’m coloring pages from some doodle-like coloring book – positive affirmations and shapes and flowers. I feel like a flower child all over again. I’m working, long hand, on my letter outline for April’s A-Z Blogging challenge. I’ve decided on a theme of sorts and realizing that life happens and some days may be off-theme days.


 image from pixabay

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Feel Like A Wrung Out Rag

  1. Good to hear about your arm and I hope you pass the test. I remember that ‘trick’ of taking it in easier areas. Several friends of mine who live in NYC would come out to Long Island because the roads were easier to get through.


  2. I’m glad your arm is feeling better! Good luck with the driving test. If I had to take mine again, I think I’d probably book a couple of lessons so that the instructor could point out any failing flaws I’ve picked up over time…


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