This Doesn’t Deserve A Title

ready-1153149_640Luckily, for me, not a person I know – other than you – knows about my blog. So I feel fairly ‘safe’ to post this…however…I may think better of it at a later moment…

There I am, having a lunch with my best friend. We watch babies and toddlers together at some church 6 hours a week. You do, too. So she says that the new person heading this – let’s call it mommy’s morning out thingy – is thinking of this:

“Maybe we should just have Christians watching the kids.”

My best friend is Jewish. You are an Atheist. Oh dear!

So there we are  having lunch and she passes this sorta gossipy info to me and I’m really…I mean I don’t know how to express this civilly…I’m just floored.

What is this world coming to when some church organization worries about the religious affiliation of someone watching kids who can’t even talk yet? And, are Christians so much better than other people?

This is disgusting to me.

Of course I came home and told you right away. It didn’t surprise you. So I said that if they let you and my friend go I’m quitting, too. What will they do about the Buddhist lady working there?

I know. I know. It’s a church. They can do what they want. They aren’t bound by freedom of religion laws and upon what our country was founded. God has spoken to them – especially – and made churches free to treat people as they interpret the Bible.

I’m really pissed. I’m thinking nothing will probably come of this but it could and so I’m pissed.  Why would I expect anything different from organized religion?  Oh well 😦


7 thoughts on “This Doesn’t Deserve A Title

  1. Honestly, there seems to be a growing mentality of ‘my group’ in the world. Those who hold specific paths dearly come under attack a lot in the media and online, so the response is rather isolationist. Kind of like the person on Facebook who unfriends everyone they know because they’re one political party and the friends are another. There’s not much civil discourse any more or even a polite understanding of someone having different beliefs. Really sad and strange at times.


    • You’re right, Charles, it’s the strangest thing. We’ve been doing this since I retired 5 years ago. Two mornings a week. I hope nothing come of this for any of us. At this point, how are they going to find out who’s Christian? Secret Interrogations? Hahaha!


      • Honestly, I think they’d just bluntly ask. When people are of the mindset to divide then they forget that others won’t like the idea. That and they’ll think nobody is aware of their intentions, which means they’ll get an honest answer.


  2. this is so upsetting to me. i’m really an agnostic, who leans toward buddhism more than anything. i will never understand how and why any religion would discriminate against another way of thinking. isn’t the idea of religion to be kind, compassionate, and open to humanity? what are people so afraid of? i think they worry that it may make them look at their own beliefs and wonder if they are right, perhaps. it’s all fear in my book –

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