Simply A Best Day Ever Day

hands and artIt was a good day.  My arm should be rested and ready for further abuse in a couple of days. We spent the morning with babies and toddlers and wonderful awesomeness all round us!

This afternoon, you took me on another driving lesson.  We drove all around the DMV (renewal driving test next Wednesday, sigh)  and then we went to the wild bird store and the wooden toy store!  It was great!  Then  we came home and I finished coloring my doodle affirmation coloring page from a coloring book – see photo taken by himself.

See those tiny hand prints in the photograph?  Those are of the little girl we’ve been watching three mornings a week since she was 4 months old.  Now she’s almost two!  We watched her older sister (6) and older brother (4) too…just the sweetest family.  On school holidays and summers, we watch all three at once…yikes!  Tomorrow is one of those days.  But, hey, it’s only two hours.

I’ll sign off now…I want to be sure my arm gets good and rested.  I’m sorry I can’t be on lately.  Soon, though, I shall be magically well again 🙂


2 thoughts on “Simply A Best Day Ever Day

    • Los Gatos Birdwatcher…we get stuff for our hummingbirds there and pass by to see what’s new on the market. Lots of stuff for wild birds…we live a couple of miles from a bird sanctuary so it helps to know the different birds frequenting our area.
      I love those handprints 🙂 A memory…


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