We All Make Mistakes But, Really Now

feather-558131_640I’m very sorry.  I still can’t be online or typing or scrolling or anything to do with a keyboard very much right now.  I want to check in here as much as possible, though, to let people know I’m still around and thinking of everyone and coloring and cooking.  I had to stop the extra strength prescription anti inflammatory medication – for the carpal tunnel inflammation I’m having – because it upset my tummy or something.  So that’s put a damper on things.  Slowed the healing parts up a bit.  I want to say, though, that – even without the extra strength meds – my arm hasn’t hurt in two days.  I want to keep resting it a few days more, but I came on to say:

I still think God made a mistake when creating arms.  As I said earlier in this illness,  arms were not designed to evolve properly.  Very poor engineering, ergonomically, considering God knows how the book ends and certainly could have planned better for the future.

As ever,  your poet,


7 thoughts on “We All Make Mistakes But, Really Now

  1. The body is such an amazing piece of work and one day we will find out the purpose of everything. One thing is for sure…pain is a great alarm system we have for notifying us that something is wrong and we need to try to get the problem taken care of. I hope your arm gets completely well soon. 😊

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    • Yes. The alarm system we don’t recognize/or refuse to recognize soon enough 😦
      I’m thinking rest more Sunday and Monday and try writing more out then, I’m long-handing it and taking notes right now. The ergonomic issue has been fixed. I now have a keyboard that attaches to my laptop.
      I hope allz well for you and I’ll drop by your blog tomorrow…

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    • Oh! Don’t get me started on the balding/aging issue 😦
      I’m trying hard to feel better soon, Charles…I’m not a very good patient…other than my eye issue (wet macular degeneration – that I’ve coped with for 10 years and is under control), I mostly don’t have chronic health issues. I’m fortunate. Very fortunate…for now.


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