Perfectly Grateful & All That Jazz

I’m so glad – maybe this is a gratefulness entry – hahaha!  But…

My arm is declared ‘much better!”  An exclamation point in the tone of voice when declared even 🙂

Relieved my arm is getting better and that all the issues leading up to the carpal tunnel inflammation have been addressed and that we can still be in the same room together while we work in the evenings.

The DMV has rescheduled my driving test for Monday.  It will be raining here Monday.  All these years we’ve begged for rain, and it’s gonna rain on the day of my driving test.  I can’t think of any reason some karma is coming back on me but…David is babysitting, so he can’t come with me Monday.  My girlfriend will come.  She and I practiced in downtown San Jose Friday.  OMG! Biggest city I’ve driven in since I left New Orleans – which isn’t so big 😛

Life issues are like cranky crabs that come to bite you on your ankle…I don’t like to fail.  I was raised that way.  Mostly, not liking to fail has served me well.

I don’t like to take tests.  It takes me back 50  years to my high school typing class.  So I’m nervous.   This really mature part of my personality knows I can fail my driving test  this time and many other times and still keep driving.

I’m making bread pudding for dessert this weekend and having biscuits and jam for breakfast.   Then Monday morning, on the way to my driving test, Joan and I will have an incredibly unhealthy restaurant breakfast…fat is so soothing to the soul.

I can’t type much longer tonight.  I miss being here on WordPress 😞 I miss sharing my work and reading (which entails the dreaded scrolling) the work of others…

your cranky poet,


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