A Retro-Nerd Sorta Day

As if life wasn’t already imperfect enough for me these days, I picked up my new eyeglasses this afternoon.  I EFFIN LOOK LIKE RICK PERRY 😦

Issue:  I’m blind as a bat in one eye and thought I’d venture out alone one afternoon and pick out new eyeglass frames.  Granted, the optometrist  had me take off my old glasses to try on the new ones with just a plain glass lens and, you know, she said how great they looked on me and when I held them in my hand they looked so cool though I hadn’t a clue how they actually looked on me

Outcome:  The frames are very modern-retro nerd – – that look glasses have these days.  Like when I was in first-grade plastic look, right?  And…OMG!  I look like Rick Perry 😦 And. of course, you like them.  You’re a nerd.  I really cannot trust you in the eyeglass fashion department.

More later…


3 thoughts on “A Retro-Nerd Sorta Day

  1. I’m sure, like most people, ….. you are you own worst critic! Other people have a tendency to see things a little differently…unless it’s them! I never thought I would be happy to have cataracts and have to have the operation on both eyes, but last year when I went to the doctor he told me I needed the operation…my response…I didn’t know I had them, and I thought they had to be to a certain point before they would operate….his response, You’re there now! My response…no wonder I can’t see very good and I thought the TV was going bad because it had gotten so dark! Well, I had the operation and they put in the lense and I absolutely love them! I have the kind that enables me to see distance and close up. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself…..spending more for that kind, instead of the kind where you still have to use glasses for either nearsightedness or farsightedness.


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