Baton Twirling – A-Z Challenge

This is from ‘An Autobiography Of  A Poet’ and was composed for the 2016 A to-Z April Challenge. I thought I’d make my April A-Z challenge some sort of autobiography.

Here is Chapter B:

 Baton Twirling

Where do those days go…and so quickly, too?

Baton twirling – perfect baton twirling – seemed to be the key to a life of success. The goal was to eventually be the head majorette of the high school marching band. Or Miss America. Anything seemed possible at the age of seven.

I wasn’t consistent in following that goal. I’ll blame becoming a poet for that. I can still feel the baton in my hand – always cold and not as forgiving as a No.2 pencil.


photo via yahoo images

6 thoughts on “Baton Twirling – A-Z Challenge

    • i was fairly hopeless in the game department, too 😛
      i guess, one day, life offers a poem and a poet is born. it’s a precious gift we are able to open again and again.


  1. I had the same aspirations about baton twirling! I never had the opportunity of taking lessons, just introduced to the idea at a summer recreation class. However, I live in a large community with dozens of clubs and opportunities for taking just about any kind of class you want….so I took lessons in baton twirling….just for fun and to see what I could do with it. I loved taking the lessons…5, and met a lot of people that were taking them for the same reason. Now that I am retired, I can do some things I’ve always had a desire too.

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