A Tender Moment In Time – Journal

I’m feeling not so pretty these days. My broken arm is in a bright purple cast. I’ve had my hair chopped off into a pixie cut – so it’s easier for us to wash. I’m already sorta teary-eyed to be such a burden to you. Then, you are towel drying my hair. You whisper, “You’re so beautiful.”

I’m transported to a long ago Joe Cocker concert …you, my sweetness, are the beautiful one.


3 thoughts on “A Tender Moment In Time – Journal

  1. What a sweet, moving post. At times it is such a gift to generously receive tender loving care from those dearest to us. And thank you for reminding me how much I love Joe Cocker! I’m going to make a point of listening to some of my faves of his today… Blessings, H xxx


    • i’ve come so many times to reply and retract…so much of love is a gift. i’m such a cajun fool that sometimes i just don’t see.
      i’ve missed you – by my own fault.
      don’t laugh when you get 3 replies 😛


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