Houma, Louisiana…A-Z April (H)

Please listen and enjoy while you read 🙂

i’m keeping on with this challenge…as much as i can with a broken arm…

Houma, Louisiana (sometimes pronounced Home-ma and sometimes Hooma)

In the late 50’s/60’s, Houma was a lil bayou town…not far from Bayou Blue. My mother grew up there. she was born in the late 1920’s…and, i spent summers there – visiting from new orleans.

i remember the tar truck, now and then, laying a thin tar onto the shell road of my grandparents’ street. i remember listening – on the radio – to the sugar cane/produce market auctions (in french) and the smell of tar and dragon flies on the clothes line and fire flies at night and how right the world seemed then.

i remember my mother saying that she thought she lived at the end of the world cuz there was so much water all round her.


5 thoughts on “Houma, Louisiana…A-Z April (H)

    • very small town and wonderful.

      ah…the effin arm aches like hell today. 4/26…the cast may come off. i realize, though, how much worse it could have been and make every attempt to be grateful 😛

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